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Where to Stay in Nice - and Where to Avoid!

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Sea View or not Sea View?

There are basically two types of sea view in Nice - distant or noisy!

If you want a good view of the sea in the background, go into the Nice hills, somewhere like Cimiez. But then you are several kilometers from the centre; buses stop about 8.30 pm and Nice taxis are notoriously expensive.

But if you like the idea of sitting on a terrace watching the Mediterranean, with a glass of wine in your hand, then try our two-bedroom apartment. Most importantly the bedrooms are located at the back, overlooking a quiet garden rather than a busy road, so you can sleep in peace.

Carré d'Or

The "Golden Square" is the Mayfair or Park Avenue of Nice. The area is bordered on the south by the Promenade des Anglais, to the north by the Avenue Victor Hugo, to the east by the Place Massena and to the west by the Boulevard Gambetta.

It includes the Zone Pietonne - pedestrian zone - of the Rue de France and Rue Massena and is characterised by majestic Belle Epoque apartments built around the end of the 19th century.

Our two bedroom apartment is about 50 yards outside the Carré d'Or, but still very central.



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Promenade des Anglais

Basically a good location - but beware! The Promenade des Anglais is over four miles long and if you get the wrong end of it you are miles away from the action.

The lower the street number the better; the Palais de la Mediterranée is at No.17, the Hotel Negresco is at No. 37 and our two bedroom apartment is at No. 50.

Anything above 100 and you face a long walk home at night (buses stop at 8.30 pm) or an expensive taxi ride. As an example the Hotel Radisson, at No. 223, is about 45 minutes' walk from the Old Town.

And anything above 300? Well, the only plus is that you can probably walk to and from the airport!

Vieux Nice and the Port

"Old Nice" and the port area can be excellent places to stay, being right in the centre of tourist activity.There are, however, some drawbacks: you might find old Nice a little noisy; in the summer periods people (and their motor bikes!) tend to celebrate throughout the night. Most of the buildings in Old Nice do not have elevators, so you might find yourselves trudging up several flights of stairs everytime you go home. Also, the streets are very narrow and constricted and you will definitely need air-conditioning in summer. However, if you like falling out of your front door into the nearest bar, this is the place for you!

The port area is similar, but make sure you are situated in one of the streets directly by the port. "Near the port" covers a multitude of sins and can take you into areas you don't want to be in!

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Place Massena, Avenue Jean Medicin and Etoile

The new tramway is now completed, and these are again nice places to be in - particularly for the dedicated shopper! Only drawback - a bit of a walk to the beach on hot summer days.

La Gare and Les Musiciens

As in most big cities, the area round the main station is somewhat sleazy. It is characterised by cheap hotels for backpackers and has it's fair share of strip joints. Not to be recommended unless you are on a very tight budget.

Les Musiciens, an area where all the streets are named after famous musicians, starts well just north of the Carré d'Or but deteriorates rapidly as it approaches the station. Generally speaking, the nearer you can get to the south and the sea, the better.

For your information, a number of local holiday rental apartments are listed below: