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Why should I rent a holiday apartment from somebody I've never heard of?

We are well aware what a daunting prospect it is to book holiday accommodation based on descriptions in a brochure or website. Is the description accurate? Have they "forgotten" to mention the railway line 10 yards from the bedroom window? Is it well equipped, or do you just get one knife, fork and plate per person and the fuse blows every time you try to boil the kettle - if there is a kettle!

To paraphase Benjamin Disraeli (or Mark Twain - nobody seems sure who said it first!) "there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and descriptions of holiday properties"

To help alleviate these very real concerns, we use the VillaRenters system to ask every guest who stays with us to write a review of the apartment and rate it out of five stars on a standard form.  Over half of them are kind enough to do so.

The following safeguards are built in:

  • Only guests who have booked and paid through VillaRenters have access to the review form - so we can't just ask our friends to say something nice!
  • We cannot change the guests' comments in any way; what you see is exactly what they wrote. We can add our own reply to the comments.
  • If we get what we feel is a particularly unfair comment we can delete it totally - but you can see how many we have deleted. We have not deleted any comments ourselves.


So, if you'd like to see unbiased comments from people who used to be strangers but whom we now regard as friends,  click here.

 We hope to see your name here in the future!

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